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Vision & Mission


Our Vision:-

To keep the word of God central by studying and teaching it to god’s family to serve God through spirit empowered ministry; to equip the saints and prepare them for the work of the ministry; to build up the body of Christ to attain the wole measure of the fullness of Christ.

Together we can achieve our vision by. . .

Setting short and long term goals by prioritising certain things (ie 1-5 years)

Establishing a strong and servant hearted leadership to equip the whole body of Christ with a sound and deep teaching of the Word.

Encouraging believers to respond actively in worship to experience God’s presence and power.

Setting creative and clear evangelistic stages to transform the believers to be great commission disciples to reach out to every people group.

Transforming people to be faithful and fruitful and enabling them to effectively communicate the gospel, bringing multiplication enabling us to double the congregation in two years time.

A building project to accommodate more ministries and facilitate growth.

Encouraging unity in diversity, to become mature and reach the fullness of Christ.

Transforming the Church to be a family of God, a place of healing for broken hearted, the lonely, the hurting, the sick and the poor.